Grand Unified Seach (GUS)

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Screenshot of the application Launch

The Problem

Most realtors choose to showcase MLS listing data on their personal websites as a way to drive traffic and make an initial contact with their users. A common tool can be used across many different sites, but we need to give each site a unique look and feel, as well as customize the search for the geographical region and types of properties that the realtor or office serves.

My Role

Redman Technologies built a search tool that satisfies these requirements, by interfacing with a common API and accepting a JSON object customizing the style of the site and certain attributes like geogrpahic location. The tool also includes user accounts for saving particular search configurations and favouriting properties. I was entirely responsible for building the front-end of the application.

The biggest challenge was building a custom integration between Vue and Google Maps as there was no existing package that supported our needs. I ended up creating a small package that accepts map data (like pin and polygon data) in a declarative way and uses simple diffing to draw and update the map using Google's API.

An example of the tool can be seen at Scott Veitch's website. However, the parameters of the default search, the results that come up in the search bar, the initial region shown by the map and the fonts and colours are all customizable and differ from site-to-site.