Scrollable COVID tracker

Scroll or swipe over the history of the pandemic in your country

Casey A. Ydenberg

I was partly inspired to build Hypocube by bad COVID trackers on the web, so I thought that - despite being late to the party - I'd present my own.

The overall goal was to be an interactive version of the graphs made by Andreas Burkert (though he doesn't seem to be around Twitter anymore). What I liked about his visualizations were:

  1. case numbers are population-adjusted
  2. logarithmic scale shows the rate of exponential growth
  3. primary focus is on the current time

Of course, mixing in the interactive capabilities of the web, we can add some more features:

  1. scrollable x-axis (mouse, touch, trackpad)
  2. series highlighting
  3. ability to add data from any country (or continent)

The data are pulled from a ginormous JSON file at Our World in Data every four hours, processed and placed in a database by country. I wrote a simple Express server that queries the database by country and returns the case-numbers data.

Even for someone who follows the pandemic closely, looking at the data this way always reveals something new. It's surprising how often the media report case numbers only in absolute terms, which makes the situation in large countries (particular the USA) seem worse than it really is. Conversely, while the load in Canada seems to be decreasing overall, this masks the regional picture: out west, we're still walking on knives.

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