Chartpen: An easy solution for putting a chart on a website or blog

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Say you have a blog that talks about science or data on a regular basis. You want to display some data. You could do the following:

  • create the chart in Excel and export it as an image
  • create the chart in Google sheets and display within an iframe
  • use a plugin or another third-party solution
  • hire a developer

All of these have their drawbacks. Images of data usually don't work well across a variety of devices and screen sizes. Iframes aren't responsive either, and frequently show up with scroll bars, which can be even worse.

I'm interested in a third-party solution that was across types of data, content-management platforms, and provides a neat platform to developers to iterate off of to create new chart types.

Here's a simple example:

It's a standalone app hosted by me, but it also a js file that be embedded on remote sites. It doesn't require you to log in, but when working with the app it saves your data locally so that you can come back to it. When you're done, you simply hit "Publish" and it gives you a line of HTML to embed your Chart anywhere on the web.

My goal is to make the chart themselves as versatile as possible by making each chart type responsive out the box, using a couple of algorithms to generate color schemes, and giving the end-user some limited control over things like axes.